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Summer Lecture Series at Middleton Hall

Sunday 7th May, Wednesday 24th May, Wednesday 14th June & Sunday 16th July

Francis Willughby (1635-1672) was an influential figure in the study of natural science in the seventeenth century, his discoveries and works form part of the foundation of our modern understanding on the subject. These four lectures, given by eminent academics from our regions universities, focus the spotlight on Francis and his varied interests.

Dr Dorothy Johnson starts the series with a study of his significance in the history of Middleton and Wollaton Halls. Professor Mark Greengrass then looks at his European travels and his pursuit of scientific knowledge in Europe at the time. Dr Gavin Thomas explores the avian tree of life and the role of natural collections in our scientific understanding before Professor Tim Birkhead examines the way in which Francis changed the way we studied birds with the publication of his book of ornithologhy, the first of its kind when published posthumously in 1676.

Admission is £7.50 each day and includes the lecture and access to the Hall, Gardens and Grounds for the day between 11am and 4pm.

For more information on the individual lectures and times or to receive a discount by booking to hear all four lectures please visit our website www.middleton-hall.co.uk  or by calling 01827 283095.

All proceeds from these lectures go to help our volunteers in the continued restoration and conservation of the hall and grounds to ensure they can both be enjoyed for generations to come.

Middleton Hall, B78 2AE is on the A4091 near Tamworth.

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