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Sore eyes??

Do you suffer from dry, sore or tired eyes? If so, you are not alone. As many as 1 in 3 adults in the UK experience these symptoms, with uncomfortable and tired eyes being the most common complaint.

Dry environments such as air conditioning and central heating can affect the eyes natural moisture levels, while harsh lighting may also contribute to discomfort. Long periods of concentration on a computer screen tend to reduce your rate of blinking and lead to dryness problems, particularly if you wear contact lenses. Air pollution can be a further cause of irritation.

Some symptoms, such as tired eyes, maybe related to your eyesight. So it’s worth having your eyes tested to see whether new glasses will help. However, if you suffer from persistent dryness, you may benefit from special eye drops, moisture retaining lubricants or other treatments to relieve discomfort. If you regularly experience dry, sore or tired eyes, call your optician for an appointment. They can examine your eyes and help you keep them in the most comfortable condition

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