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Colin Hayfield and Andrew Watkins are going to collaborate on the production of a booklet on the life and times of Coleshill during the twenties and thirties. This will be based round photographs which were taken during those times or photographs of areas of Coleshill which has change little over the years.

They will be looking to talk to people who still have memories, perhaps vague, of those times. A number of people have already been identified as knowing the names of places which were used during those years. They also know who lived in the properties.

We are sure, however that there are many memories which have been handed down by older relatives which many would wish to hear. Also, although the Civic Society and Colin already have many photographs there are others in existence which we are not aware of. We would be very grateful if anyone knows of any material which could be helpful to contact either Colin, Andrew or the Civic Society at the Old Market Hall on Church Hill.

At a later date we will be calling a meeting of people who we have learned have interesting stories to tell and then all may swap tales and perhaps have memories jolted to reveal even more interesting tales about Coleshill between the wars.

Please look at the photos accompanying these notes. We would like you to write down any information you may have about them. Who lived in the houses, what the shops were over the years and perhaps what was there originally.

lower high st right lower high st left lower high st from cole end lich kings head high st from lych gate QEll cross rds james shop 59 b the bell chill church hill 1 53 cov coventry road 1 cov opposite packington lane 1

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