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Celebrate summer with your best BBQ YET!


June means it’s officially summer, and the prospect of surprisingly brilliant British weather can only mean one thing… it’s time to throw a barbecue with your friends and family! But, before you start warming those coals, we ask you to spare a thought for those dirty grills which have been languishing ...

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Know diabetes, fight diabetes

Sir Steve Redgrave

November this year marks the twentieth anniversary of when I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Having been at four Olympics, I thought my chances of competing in another one were non-existent but I quickly learned from medical professionals that the condition can be managed. Having said that, reaching my ...

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Help is at hand! Dementia Awareness Week


This month we mark Dementia Awareness Week. Did your readers know that an estimated 225,000 people will develop dementia this year alone – that’s one every three minutes – and, with people in the UK living longer than ever before, the threat of developing age related conditions such as dementia ...

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NHS restricts essential diabetes equipment

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Diabetes UK found that 26.03 per cent of people with diabetes in the West Midlands said they weren’t prescribed a sufficient amount of test strips. This supports more recent findings by the leading charity, that people living with diabetes are being refused an essential piece of kit to monitor blood ...

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NHS staff are giving 100%, but getting just 1% in return, says UNISON

Commenting on the announcement from the NHS pay review body (PRB) yesterday (Tuesday), UNISON West Midlands Regional Secretary Ravi Subramanian said: “Health service employees go above and beyond caring for patients and keeping the health service running – often in very challenging circumstances. “The government insists it values them, but ...

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How frequent are you?


In the last edition, I discussed consistency as a major factor of achieving your health and fitness goals. Essentially doing the basics well before going specific or complicating your approach. Developing consistency with food and exercise and getting the balance right will give greater returns overall. What you can commit ...

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Average annual car insurance will rise as insurers pass on £3 billion bill Consumer Intelligence forecasts “massive jump” in shopping around Drivers face price rises of up to £100 each as a result of today’s Ministry of Justice ruling on personal injury damages payouts, insurance market research experts Consumer Intelligence ...

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