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Children’s Eyecare

Good eyesight is particularly important for children. If they have poor vision, they’ll find it difficult to learn at school, play sports or develop enough confidence to reach their full potential. Indeed clumsiness and poor academic performance may be entirely due to a problem with their sight.

Yet it is almost impossible for young children to know if they have a visual defect and it can be difficult for parents to spot the signs. In fact research suggests that no less than one in five school children have an undetected problem with their vision.

A child’s eyesight can also change quickly, much faster than that of an adult. So all children should have frequent eye tests- at least once a year.

It is important to be aware that although children often have a vision-screening test done by the nurse at school, this does not constitute an eye examination and it is still prudent to have your child’s eyes examined at an opticians annually (available free of charge under the NHS).

The first examination at an optician should take place at around the age of 4. However, if parents notice anything untoward regarding their child’s eyes before this age than they should seek specialist attention immediately.

It doesn’t matter if children are too young to talk or read a letter chart. Optical practices have equipment that can detect visual defects at any age. Most children are fascinated by these tests and regard the whole process as something of a game.

Eye examinations for children are free of charge under the NHS. We also have a large range of glasses which are free of charge should your child require a prescription. We also provide complete replacement pairs of lost glasses or repairs to broken glasses free of charge, because we know children will always be children!

These days children’s glasses are stylish and look good on young faces. Many have soft nose pads for extra comfort and sprung hinges to reduce the chances for breakage. Polycarbonate lenses are increasingly popular because they’re virtually unbreakable.

Remember that good vision is every child’s passport to the future. So even if nothing appears to be wrong, it is still important to ensure your children have regular eye tests.

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