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Local Services Section

                    Local Services | Classied Advertising | Services Directory The new Coleshill Post Services directory is designed to give your business permanent exposure throughtout the year. Being part of the go-to directory is a must for local companies not wishing to miss out ...

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Classified pics

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS Classified advertisements are a great way to help your business build brand awareness and give constant exposure at an affordable price. The Coleshill Post newspaper has a readership of 22,000 readers, being delivered to areas such as Coleshill, Water Orton, Shustoke, Maxstoke, The Whitacres, Furnace End, Curdworth, Minworth, Marston, ...

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Print Advertising


Hyperlocal is the only way to ensure you reach the entire community. We’ve made traditional advertising work again. The decline in regional newspapers has made it harder for local businesses to reach their audience. The tendency to concentrate their efforts online has made their print titles less effective. Where we ...

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Online Advertising


Hyperlocal is changing the way online advertising works. We’ve made it more effective. Historically, online advertising has been a bit of a minefield. But with the rise in popularity of hyperlocal media publishers, like The Coleshill Post, times are changing. The Coleshill Post website is unique in the area as it is the ...

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